MDC Weekly Blend — Edition #6

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Hello Devs,

Hope everyone is doing great this week. With loads of Apple releases and announcements, this week already going double crazy for iOS developers. Tim Cook casually announced that new software will be available the next day of the Apple Event. At the time of the announcement, no stable (GM) version of XCode was released which caused some stress on the developer community. Then a confusion happened in releasing the GM version. We really hope Apple will improve the release with respect to the GM versions of developer tools and resources.

📺 See Apple September 2020 event in 12 minutes

Flutter released 1.22 beta, which supports the iOS 14 (Details under flutter sections). It's great to see cross-platform app development frameworks are releasing the supports quicker.

Enjoy this week's issue, and stay safe.

🔥 Top News

  1. Google pulls India’s Paytm app from Play Store for repeat policy violations - Google has pulled popular Indian financial services app Paytm from the Play Store for violating its gambling policies. Paytm is India’s most valuable startup and claims over 50 million monthly active users. Its marquee app, which competes with Google Pay in India, disappeared from the Play Store in the country earlier Friday.
  2. Swift 5.3 is now officially released 🎉 - Focused on language refinements, the developer experience, and expanding the Swift ecosystem.
  3. YouTube launches its TikTok rival in India, calls YouTube Shorts - India banks TikTok due to privacy concerns, and TikToks fate in us remains unknown.
  4. Apple updated its App Store Review Guideline - New guidelines for Game Streaming apps like Stadia and xCloud, New App Clips rules, Widget rules, etc.
  5. Here's Chrome OS's Android Phone Hub and everything it can do - Chromebooks were set to get deeper integration with Android through a new suite of “Phone Hub” features. Since then, the UI has appeared in Chrome OS Canary along with more details about how things like notification mirroring and “task continuation” will work.
  6. Facebook’s first ‘smart glasses’ will be Ray-Bans, coming next year - The glasses won’t have a display, but Facebook’s Project Aria research unit is working on true AR glasses
  7. Apple Bringing Online Store to India on September 23 - Apple announced its plan to open Apple’s official online store in India for the customers to buy iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc directly from Apple.
  8. Apple announced a bunch of new hardware & services on its event on 15th September: iPad Air, iPad 8th gen, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, Fitness+ service, and Apple One subscription service.
  9. Google Phone app coming to non-Pixel devices w/ new ‘Verified Calls’ capability - Last year, Google launched Verified SMS in Messages for Android to reduce spam. The Google Phone app is now picking up a “Verified Calls” capability as the dialer officially becomes available for many more non-Pixel devices.

🍎 iOS Articles

  1. 3 lesser-known ways of using Swift enums - Sarun
  2. How Swift 5.3 enhances SwiftUI’s DSL - Swift by Sundell
  3. The State of SwiftUI - Peter Steinberger
  4. SwiftUI 2.0: The Future is Declarative - Goran Brlas
  5. Configuring error types when using flatMap in Combine - Donny Wals
  6. Creating closure bases UI controls using UIAction - Swift by Sundell
  7. UI Testing Deeplinks and Universal Links in iOS - Bruno Rocha in Swift Rocks
  8. Dark side of extensions in Swift - Dmitrii Ivanov

🤖 Android Articles

  1. Dialogs in Android MVVM - Vladislav Ermolin
  2. Using Texture Counters in the Android GPU Inspector - Francesco Carucci in Android Developers.
  3. Moving to Kotlin for native android Java Developers - Austine Gwa
  4. Android GPU Inspector open beta - Jay Kong
  5. SSL with Kotlin and Ktor - Alexey Soshin in ProAndroidDev
  6. Personal “Request changes” Materials Starter Pack (Kotlin ver.) (Part 1 & Part 2) - Erick Sumargo

⚔️ Flutter & React Native Blogs


  1. Supporting iOS 14 and Xcode 12 with Flutter - Chris Sells
  2. Developing for iOS 14 - Flutter blog
  3. Build dart types from Swagger/OpenAPI schemas - Mobilepeople
  4. Install Flutter Install Flutter & Android Studio - Ubuntu 20.04 - not-bot-3000 in Reddit
  5. Handling screen orientation in Flutter - Shaiq Khan
  6. Typesafe HTTP Calls In Flutter - Anubhav Gupta
  7. Exploring ValueListenableBuilder in Flutter - Anmol Gupta

React native

  1. [Event Coverage] React Native Europe 2020 - Event recap - Louis Zawadzki
  2. Building type-safe mobile apps with Expo and ReasonML - Part 1 - Mateusz Zatorski
  3. What we learned after using React Native for a year - Sriraman

👨‍💻Dev articles

  1. The code review we deserve - Charles Assunção
  2. Customizing your GitHub profile - Scripting - Nicolas Frankel
  3. GitHub CLI 1.0 - All you need to know - Ayushi Rawat
  4. 7 Simple Rules to Make Life Better for Developers - Ilona Dee Codes

🚀 App Launches

  1. Dawn - Minimal Calendar App (iOS) - This is Dawn.The Minimal Calendar. Organize your days in a single, beautiful app.
  2. Nova app (Mac) - It's new, hyper-fast, and flexible, with all the features you want: smart autocomplete, multiple cursors, a Minimap, editor overscroll, tag pairs and brackets, and way, way more.
  3. Fluz (iOS, Android) - Cash back that keeps coming back.
  4. Puppets World (iOS) - Bring your puppets to Life
  5. Loomie Live - (iOS, Android, Mac) - Your personal 3D avatar for video chat

🛠 Dev tools

  1. GitHub CLI 1.0 is now available - GitHub CLI brings GitHub to your terminal, helps reducing context switching. Just moved to the first version 1.0 after tested in beta for a few months.
  2. Top 22 Youtube channels to Learn Programming - Last week my cousin who is in college asked me, where can he start with programming. Found this great collection of youtube channels to learn to program. Share it with someone who might be interested to learn to code.
  3. Wisefin ai - Turn messy bank transaction names into beautiful data with a powerful API.
  4. Student Stat - Instant Student Verification. AI-powered service to verify students in seconds.
  5. Inspect - The new standard for mobile web DevTools
  6. NoCodeAPI - Save time to setup Server & Code for APIs

🎤 Events & Webinars




🕵️‍♀️ Mobile Dev Jobs

  1. Senior iOS Engineer - Medium. Loc: SF/NY, USA.
  2. iOS SDK Engineer Staff / Principal - Okta (Remote Eligible)
  3. Lead iOS Engineer - Shopkeep
  4. Software Engineer - Android, Kotlin - SwissBorg (Remote)
  5. Senior React Native Developer - Airship (Full time, Remote)
  6. Software Engineer (Flutter / Typescript) - Kumanu (Remote, Fulltime)

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