MDC Weekly Blend — Edition #5

MDC Weekly Blend — Edition #5

Hello People,

Hope everyone is doing good despite the tough times. I have an update to share: 🚀 Launched a new landing page for the newsletter. Love to hear your feedback. Enjoy the weekend and stay safe.


🔥 Top News

  1. Apple announced the event date for 2020 launches: It's September 15, 2020, at 10 a.m. PDT. Apple is expected to launch Apple Watch 6, iPad Air 4, and iPhone 12. Rumors: iPhone might get delayed, Apple Airtags (like Tile) announcement. 🔴 LIVE blog on the Twitter thread: We are covering the event live on this Twitter Thread.
  2. Apple sues Epic Games, seeks Damages for Breach of Contract: The whole Apple versus Epic Games episode has taken an unexpected turn as Apple has sued Epic Games, claiming damages for breach of its App Store’s contract.
  3. Twitter's new API encourages dev to craft powerful bots : The company now wants to play fair with developers and even encourage them to make helpful bots.
  4. Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch after abandoning it three years ago
  5. China blocks MIT’s kid-friendly programming language Scratch: China’s kids have been blocked from accessing the first programming language of many young developers, Scratch.☹️
  6. Epic Games accounts won’t be able to use Apple’s sign-in system as soon as September 11th - Apple’s “Sign In with Apple” login system will no longer work with Epic Games accounts as soon as September 11th, Epic said today. The new restriction is another casualty of Apple and Epic’s ongoing spat.
  7. Google keeping Android Beta Program open for pre-release Android 11 updates - 9To5Google

🍎 iOS Articles

  1. Building modern Collection Views in Swift - Swift by Sundell
  2. Building an Expandable List using UICollectionView: Part 1 - Swift Senpai (I love the name)
  3. Essential iOS Resources for All Levels - Instabug Blog
  4. 📺 [Video Tutorial]- SwiftUI Grids Columns with JSON ObservableObject and Async Image Loading - Let's Build That App (Brian Voong)
  5. Migrating Asynchronous Code to Combine - Kilo Loco
  6. Persistent History Tracking in Core Data - Swift Lee
  7. iPadOS Multitasking: Using Multiple Windows for Your App - Ray Wenderlich
  8. 🔈 “How big iOS teams typically operate” with special guest Carola Nitz - Swift by Sundell Podcast.
  9. Building widgets in SwiftUI - Swift with Majid

🤖 Android Articles

If you are looking for all the Android 11 features : Here is the link. And there is a webinar tomorrow (Sep 12): Check the events section below.

  1. Modern Android Security Development - Erick Sumargo
  2. Turning it up to Android 11: Android 11 for Develoeprs - Android Developers Blog
  3. Securing SpringBoot API using Firebase Authentication - Kunal Puri
  4. The internals of Android APK build process - Android Dev Notes
  5. Let’s Explore Jetpack DataStore - Vivek Singh in Pro Android Dev
  6. Android WiFi Scanning Frustrations - Elvina Sh in Pro Android Dev
  7. Feature Components in Android - Anup Ammanavar in Pro Android Dev

⚔️ Flutter & React Native Blogs


  1. AWS Amplify Flutter Integration: Developer Preview - Samuel Adekunle
  2. Firebase for Flutter: Setting Up - Ivy-Walobwa
  3. Understanding State in Flutter for Beginners - Suresh Sharma
  4. How to run your flutter app on multiple emulator devices using vscode - Damola Adekoya
  5. Sharing files in Flutter - Shaiq khan in Flutter Devs

React Native

  1. Securing React Native with OAuth - Fusion Auth
  2. Tophatting in React Native - Charles Zhang in Shopify Engineering
  3. 5 ways to Improve Your React Native Styling Workflow - Joel Besada in Shopify Engineering
  4. Why we opted for React Native over Flutter - Kushan Bhareti

👨‍💻 Dev Articles by Mobile Devs

  1. 3 tips to work through a technical coding interview - Danny Wals
  2. "Flutter Is To Apps As Unity Is To Games" - Tim Sneath - Hackernoon
  3. The Reality of Using AR in Mobile Apps in 2020 - Suzanne Scacca in Telerik Blog
  4. Reddit gets its app to 50 million Play Store downloads, mostly by making the mobile web experience miserable - Richard Gao in Android Police

🛠 Dev tools

  1. Stripe checkout - We build Checkout so you don't have to
  2. Git Jump - Interactive UI to view and switch branches, Fuzzy search
  3. Haiku Crow - Dynamic pricing without the dev cycles
  4. Tape - CLI tool for screen recording and sharing for iOS and Android, but without the fuss

🚀 App Launches

  1. Promenad (Android, iOS)- Meet New people in a Friendly Place
  2. Poolside FM (Mac,iPhone. Android coming soon) - Poolside FM is the super-summer music player for Macintosh Computer; transporting you to a virtual vacation where the sun never sets.
  3. Replica App (iOS) - Easily duplicate your iPhone Screen to your Fire TV, Android TV, or Chromecast TV. Just tap a couple of buttons and BOOM!!! 🤯 Your phone screen, on your TV.
  4. Haptic (iOS) - Haptic is a simple and minimalistic action-based journal for iPhone
  5. Focused Work - Stay Productive (iOS) - Focused Work is an app that helps you focus and structure your time effectively.
  6. Bazaart - Your one-stop shop for photo editing & design

🎤 Events & Webinars




🕵️‍♀️ Job boards

If you have lost your job due to pandemic, here is a resource, that might help you.

  1. Mobile Architect - Bounteous - Full-time (Canada) , All Locations - (iOS or Android)
  2. Senior iOS Developer - Tigerspike (Remote + Multiple Locations)
  3. Software Developer, Android - Jun Group (USA, Fulltime)
  4. Senior iOS Engineer - DuckDuckGo : Remote (Worldwide)
  5. Senior iOS Engineer - Autodesk (CA, USA)
  6. Senior Mobile React-Native Developer - Altruist - Remote.

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