Install Oxygen OS in One Plus One with easy tool for Windows / PC or a Mac OS — No Technical…

Install Oxygen OS in One Plus One with easy tool for Windows / PC or a Mac OS — No Technical…

One plus One mobile released with the Cyanogen OS, and it can have upto Android Lollipop via OTA. During the launch of One plus Two, the company also announced its flagship Operating system, Oxygen OS.

But you won’t able to update to Oxygen OS Directly in the mobile aka OTA update. To flash a Mobile, its too hard for the people who is not from a technical background.

Here is a tool made by Jamesst which helps to install the Oxygen OS very easily.

Here are the Steps :

STEP 1 : Download the tools and Oxygen OS.

Tool for Windows — Download

Tool for Mac — Download

Oxygen OS — Download

If you are a Windows, you guys need to download the Drivers from here.

To install the driver, unzip the driver files, run install.cmd

You have installed the Driver. Note that this is only for the Windows.

STEP 2 : Enable Developer Option & ADB

To Enable the Developer option, in your Phone, Go to Settings → About phone. Tap on the “Build Number” Multiple times until you get a popup “You are now a developer !” or “No need, you are already an Developer”

Go back to the settings, you will find the Developer options. In that Developer Options → Turn on the “ADB” or “Android Debug Bridge” and then Turn on “Quick Boot” or “Fast Boot”.

STEP 3 : Install Oxygen OS

Open the tool (JOxygenOSInstaller).

Connect the phone. Then Check the status in the Tool, which should be green.

Unzip the Oxygen OS Zip file. You will find a md5 and Zip file. Drag the zip file into the Tool.

STEP 4 : Redo the Developer Option

The phone will reboot itself, disconnects and reconnects multiple times. Never Mind that, Just follow the on screen instructions on the Phone. It will ask you to select TWRP and it will ask you to Swipe. Just do that. When the tool asks to enable the ADB, do the STEP 2 again.

Once the OS is installed, the phone disconnects and it reboots with Oxygen OS. Thats it ! You have successfully installed Oxygen OS in One Plus one.

Troubleshoot :

If you find any problems, here are the few things to troubleshoot the problem.

**- [Windows only] I can’t open the tool. Says a DLL is missing such as MSVCR120.dll

  • [Windows only] The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).**

Install the 32 bits version of this :

**- [Windows only] Phone is not reconized or appear as “Disconnected” when it is connected.

  • [Windows only] Tool is stuck at “Booting TWRP”.
  • [Windows only] My phone is in sideloading mode and the tool doesn’t reconize it.
  • [Windows only] Everything seems to have went fine but OxygenOS wasn’t installed after reboot.**

In ALL cases it means the drivers are not properly installed. Easiest and best way to install drivers is to follow those simple steps :

  1. Disconnect your phone

  2. Download drivers :

  3. Extract zip

  4. run Install.cmd

  5. Connect your phone and you’re ready !

  6. If you’re still suck afterwards on “Booting TWRP”, in TWRP go to Mount → Disable MTP.

- Tool says booting TWRP and phone stays in Fastboot mode and appear disconnected.

The tool didn’t fail, it is actually the device itself that randomly fails to boot external images. Close the tool, disconnect your phone, put it back in Fastboot mode (reboot) and reopen the tool and try again.

Original Post by Jamesst20 here.

Enjoy the Oxygen OS !